Self-Washing Shirt is Easy Enough Even for College Students

tide self washing t shirt

The college kid who never does laundry is kind of a cliche, but generations of parents can attest that it’s absolutely true. Tide plays on that fundamental truth with its clever self-washing shirts.

self washing shirt

The special promotional shirts feature a common theme: crying mothers lost in despair. All of the illustrated mothers are surrounded by tears – tears that were caused by their dirty-shirted kids. But those tears are more than they appear to be. They are actually small deposits of laundry detergent.

All a college kid needs to do is to throw the shirt into a washer and press the ‘start’ button – no measuring needed. When the shirt comes out, it is clean and the mother’s tears are gone. The shirt is a totally adorable idea, but to be of any real use to college students it would need to be loaded with about a year’s worth of detergent.

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