Rolling Home: 1948 Bus Remodeled into Handcrafted Abode

Converted Bus Home 1

Two years after it went up on Craigslist with the simple description “runs, drives, stops, registered,” a 1948 Chevy bus became a bohemian hand-crafted home by the name of Ophelia. Freelance surf-craft builder Ryan Lovelace renovated the interior, which already featured a microbus extension on top, to make it a comfortable residence.

Converted Bus Home 2 Converted Bus Home 6

Over 2012 and 2013, Lovelace fitted the interior with built-in couches, a wood stove and a small kitchen. There’s a closet tucked into the back of the bus, and a rail running along the top row of windows holds potted plants.

Converted Bus Home 3

The wood paneling inside was reclaimed from a demolition at director George Lucas’ house, acquired at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Converted Bus Home 4 Converted Bus Home 7

Lovelace also built a wooden loft that he refers to as the ‘sleeping pod’ to the upper back portion of the bus, with a large window that provides views out onto whatever landscape he chooses to live in at the time.

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