Positive & Negative Spaces Shape Home of Endless Angles

How do you create a family-friendly home in a densely-populated and often-noisy urban area? The only possibility at times is to turn the focus inward, but rarely does it work so well as in this house outside of Hiroshima.

Created for a family of four, the most obvious and key choices relate to material and colors: a pure white space filled in with plywood boxes that give one the sense of being ‘outside’ when in the white zone, and ‘inside’ when in the wooden areas.

A series of terraces and rooms result, which shift in relation to one another as occupants move between the two. There is an intentional sense of infinity, the home wrapping in on itself like a modern-day Mobius Strip.

Combining cheap materials with complex structures, this is yet again a great contemporary work by Suppose Design Office in Japan.

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