Plant-Based Home Purifier Accelerates Clean Air Circulation

Science still has few safer, simpler and cleaner alternatives to plants when it comes to interior (or exterior) air purification on small (or large) scales – hence this idea, which multiplies the capacity of a typical house plant to clean air by an average of one thousand percent.

A mechanical fan speeds up the air that circulates inside of this elemental plastic pod, driving the process of detoxification to move toxins more quickly through leaves, roots and soil into a collection basin below.

Titled Andrea, the device absorbs toxic gasses from everyday home and office surroundings better than carbon filters. Depending on the substance, it works between 350% and 4400% more efficiently than comparable artificial strategies.

Biochemical by design, it operates free of ozone, quiet inside and with low power requirements. It works with most any household plant, too, so you can pick what fits your style and don’t have to worry about replacement filters either.

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