One-Piece Prefab: All-in-One House for Off-the-Grid Living

How does one just the success of a mobile prefabricated house? Perhaps by its ability to look like anything but what it is – maybe a great single-unit prefab appears like a perfect mini modern home that might as well have been built right on site (at least were it surrounded with the other trappings of a residential property).

Corrugated metal siding add some material flare along the long sides of this structure, while natural-finished wood slats add warm contrast on one end. A lofted porch-and-overhang combination on the taller face makes for a small area one can occupy while still feeling sheltered.

The effect is striking – juxtaposed, the metal is softened from its otherwise-industrial appearance, while it offsets the more-conventional look of generic wood siding.

Stripped down, a series of simple materials underlying the finished product are visible – dimensional lumber, standard sheets of of metal, conventional insulation and so forth … much easier in practice than one might otherwise guess.

Best of all, this was a student design-and-build project in which students of both engineering and architecture worked together at TTU – between the classy look and the sustainable strategies, it shows, and both sides likely learned a great deal in the process.

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