Minimal Bathroom Sink Made of ‘Self-Rusting’ Corten Steel

… though whether that will work for the long haul remains to be seen. Corten (as it is known generically) or COR-TEN (brand) steel is a beautiful part of an architect’s material palette (one that rusts over time to dark red) with all kinds of outdoor applications. Perhaps it has some interior uses as well.

From a formal standpoint, this bathroom sink is a gorgeous piece of modern design – linear light-colored wood frames a basin, which in turn folds into an angled front, made of reddish self-rusting metal.

A nearly-invisible slit between steel and along the back allows for water to drain away subtly without a central pipe and overt drainage cover, creating a neat little waterfall-like effect (though the shiny stainless steel knob-and-faucet fixture set hanging above looks less integrated with the overall piece).

From a practical perspective, it is hard to say what will happen with the rust over time. Can the wood be sufficiently well-sealed to prevent it from becoming stained? And how is it attached to prevent leaks, cracks and other joinery-related issues that could emerge? Hopefully A3Studio has sufficiently addressed such pragmatic concerns in addition to crafting a gorgeous physical object.

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