Loose Leaf T-Shirt, Tank Top & Tote Look Like Lined Paper

These shirts (are) rule(d). The white background, evenly-spaced horizontal blue lines and the red margin divider are so recognizable it would be hard not to walk up and write on someone wearing these.

Created by E for Effort, comprised of Brooklyn artists Beka Goedde and Rachel Ostrow, these seem a perfect fit for designers or writers who always need a blank slate handy in one form or another.

Men’s and women’s classic crew and tank-top versions areĀ 100% cotton with screen-printed ink and areĀ available in S, M, L and XL. There is also an accessory tote bag for mixing and matching.

Next, though, they should really start selling erasable markers so you can start fresh each wash and walk around making an actual statement.

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