Literal Book Light: Portable Lamp Unfolds Open Like Pages

Pretty, portable and perfect for book-lovers, this lovely source of illumination can be folded from flat to a 360-degree cylinder for various lighting demands.

A flexible fan-like interior surface allows maximum flexibility, and diffuses the light projected from within. The lamp has an eight-hour battery life and built-in magnets allowing it to be hung or suspended as well as simply being set on a shelf.

Max Gunawan┬áis an architect funding this industrious invention via Kickstarter where it is already quite successful on the funding front. Of its history, he writes: “Lumio started as an exploration to design a modular home that can fold flat and fit into a compact car. During the design development, I quickly realize that it will take a lot of capital (that I don’t have) to build working prototypes for the folding house. During this period, I’ve built a few folding architectural models that I carry around in my sketchbook.”

Form followed function as well as inspiration in this case as well: “When I decided to pivot and translate the concept into a folding lamp, it was a natural progression to use the form of the sketchbook as a way to package the lamp. That’s how Lumio was born.” This great little gadget is powered by lithium-ion batteries and utilizes LEDs – it comes in a variety of finishes as well to fit any bookshelf.

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