Lazy Luxury Sleeper: Convertible Push-Button Couch + Bed

It takes so little effort to switch from couch to bed mode in most pull-outs. It makes you wonder: did we really need a way to make this conversion process even easier? One designer apparently thinks we do.

To be fair, this Campeggi convertible couch-and-bed combo has an extra hidden advantage: there is no need to relocate back-support pillows when you transform it into its flat configuration, since these fold out as part of the smooth transition process.

For extreme space savers this might be a worthwhile sofa sleeper, but the possibility of the mechanism breaking down might make it a tough sell for folks who do not like to take technological risks with simple pieces of furniture. So it becomes a trade-off: the risk of something not working when you need it, versus what may be the most streamlined transforming sit-and-sleep object to date.

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