Invisible Canopy: Convertible Classy Sofa + Modern Bed Set

Sometimes design is about leading the mind in a direction, and letting it draw details to fill in the physical blanks. There is no actual hanging canopy to be had on this stark ultramodern black-and-metal, sofa-and-bed set … but one gets the feeling of being enclosed by shining silver bands that wrap up at the head and food of the sleeper.

Simplicity is critical to this particular piece of multi-functional furniture dubbed the Aero Bed Lounger. Each rectangular piece can be easily moved and reconfigured as needed to create a variety of conditions, including a pair of back-to-back couches, an extended (or shorter) sleeping zone or a sofa-plus-footrest combination.

The wrap-around steel band serves no essential structural purpose beyond the bottom sections, but help to define the directionality of each part in the various modes it can be placed in.

As minimalist transformers go, a lot is accomplished here in terms of flexibility, portability and style with a relatively simple and refined palette of colors and materials.

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