House of Furniture Parts Provides Room Within a Room

A room within a room made of CNC-cut plywood has components of modular flat-pack furniture built right into its walls, ready to remove and assemble. House of Furniture Parts by Studio Makkink & Bey was designed as a small retreat for offices, studios and lofts, where no additional furniture is needed.

Calling it “a poetic vision for efficient production and material use,” the designers envision the House of Furniture Parts as a customizable structure with components that can vary according to the intended use.

Purchasers can request a certain function, like a workshop or a children’s playhouse, and the furniture parts will be made to conform to that purpose.

That could translate to sawhorses in a woodworking shop, a projection screen in a miniature theater, toys and scaled-down furniture items for children or easels for an artist’s studio.


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