Hot Water Turns This Food Parcel Into a Meal-Ready Bowl

Picking up a ready meal from the supermarket for lunch always comes with a little tinge of guilt when you realize just how much packaging there is to be discarded. An amazing new type of biodegradable packaging could ease a lot of that guilt and give you a rather fun show to watch while you wait for lunch to cook.

The packaging, made from 100% bio-based and biodegradable materials, starts out as a compact, closed dish. Presumably the dish would be filled with an instant meal that needs only hot water and a few minutes to cook. After removing a small strip of protective material that encircles the bowl, you pour hot water into a hole on top – and that is when the magic happens.

Over a few minutes’ time, the small package opens and blooms into a bowl. The hole you previously poured water through can now serve as a convenient way to carry your ramen noodles to the breakroom table. The conceptual packaging was developed by Swedish company Innventia and designers Anna GlansĂ©n and Hanna Billqvist.

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