Hot Seat: Thermochromic Furnishings Sense & Show Heat

“A deceptively understated design with a dynamic twist,” as described by its creator, the thermal-sensitive surfaces of this pair of furniture pieces turns temporary interactions into lingering visual memories.

Coasters, of course, leave a watermark – as they might, by accident, on an ordinary hardwood furnishing … but so do your arms and legs, leaving its creator (Jay Watson) to ask in its tile that you Linger a Little Longer. Bonus: touching the surfaces with something hot reveals the wood grain below.

Black on solid chestnut, the shapes of the bench and table are intentionally subdued so as not to detract from the dramatic effect of the heat-reactive finish. One has to wonder what will happen over time, though – will this superficial coating grow distorted in unpredictable ways, or perhaps leave long traces of repetitive activities like two-dimensional dents?

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