Hold It! Cantilever Chair Hangs Off Table So You Can Sweep

If you hang around restaurants long enough, you will eventually see someone picking all of the chairs up to clean the floor. Chances are they’ll turn the chairs over and set them on top of the tables, a practice that is incredibly unsanitary.

Designer Poh Liang Hock was bothered by the sight of dirty chair bottoms resting on tables, so he decided to create an alternative. The Hold Chair is a clever but simple twist on the standard chair configuration: rather than a static seat, the Hold Chair’s seat lifts up slightly to allow the chair to cantilever on the edge of the table. The novel design ensures that restaurant employees don’t have to touch dirty chair legs, and that dirty chair seats don’t make contact with eating surfaces. Poh Liang Hock’s innovative Hold Chair is a Red Dot Award-winning design concept.
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