Folding Paper Chair Assembled from Slit & Slotted Sheets

Trusses, arches and other traditional building forms gain strength in part from materials, but largely from shape – a fact that drives the design of this otherwise-fragile-looking set of seats.

Designed by Koji Sekita (via DesignBoom), these objects are “composed of paper sheets, the cardstock is scored and folded in a zigzag pattern. Each identical piece is then joined, creating the form of a chair. The strength of the seating object comes from the honeycomb patternĀ generated from the assembling the individual parts. due to the flexible nature of the construction, any length of chair or bench can be produced.”

The process is surprisingly simple, and the repetitive effectĀ mesmerizing, but don’t be so dazzled you drop your drink – that part of the equation has yet to be fully resolved.

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