Fold-Out Furniture: Combined Kitchen Island & Work Table

all modern kitchen island table

A kitchen island table can take up too much interior space in some cases, or as this example shows: it can more than make up for the space it displaces with hidden storage cabinets and fold-out work surfaces. Within this simple and elegant white box with smooth and shiny surfaces on all sides are all of the essentials for storing food and preparing a meal, an all-in-one kitchen island.

all in one kitchen island

When closed, this piece looks like an ordinary kitchen island that maybe contains a few drawers and other clever storage spaces – it works as a singular surface for sitting down to meals or working on whatever. It is nondescript and would blend with a living space or fit snugly in an out-of-the-way corner of an open loft.

all in one kitchen interior

When fully opened, this simple-looking island becomes a complex network of cooking surfaces, cutting spaces, cleaning places and pretty much anything else you could want out of a kitchen. Essentially, it is an interactive miniature kitchen that can be deployed in small condos and studios apartments.

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