Flip Furniture: 22-Piece Folding & Expanding Wood Table

Wood, white and round … nothing unusual there for a simple circular surface, right? But wait: those strange slots and surface grooves are not just for show – this expandable table has twenty-two moving parts and folds open much like a giant-sized wooden map.

Described by its designers as “dramatic and poetic”, the simplicity of color and shape in this so-called Grand Central Table (apt or ironic?) provides a stark contrast to the complex transforming capabilities of this unique piece of custom wood craft.

Folded up into its smallest form (though ready to expand again with a single motion), the legs slide inward and table leaves stack into a neat quarter-circle pile shaped like a slice of pie – a nice side or corner table complete with slots for pens, paper or magazines. The only catch: how do you begin to find folding chairs that could possibly do justice to such a cool and unique expandable table design?

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