Fine Art of Living Large: Scale Outdoor People Photography

large people photography

Digital photo editing makes all kinds of images possible – but Julia Fullerton-Batten did not need edit her photos in creating these incredibly strange suburban and city scenes featuring models spectacularly out of scale with their surroundings, giants in the streets.

large urban art photography

Inspired in part by the encounters of the photographer with miniature model built environments, these photographs capture everything from surreal moments to daily-life scenes. The subjects only seem out of place due to the sheer differences in size between the people and the tiny houses, roads and other ordinary natural and man-made objects around them.

large format photography

While some of the subjects and scenes are intentionally extremely ordinary – such as a girl picking up a daily milk bottle or a woman fixing the heal of her shoe – others are extraordinary, depicting dangerous situations and disasters from bicycle and train accidents to trips and falls that, once again, seem strangely out of scale with their causes.

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