Emergency Chair & Table May Save Space (if Not Your Life)

D.E. Sellers may save your butt in a bad situation … or at least make you think about when you might need an ‘emergency’ chair, or, per the follow-up design: table.

Sure, there are a lot of flat-pack designs on there, but few focus on graphic elements, or the ability to travel with your furniture.

From Core77: “What we really love, though, is the story: the idea that an¬†emergency¬†of some sort might arise, and this chair could come to the rescue in the nick of time, through rapid transformation into essential seating.”

“Yes it’s absurd, but it focuses the design in some wonderful ways. It means the cuts are perforated, so that the sheet holds its form until snapped apart by hand (the attachments are quite thin, so this is feasible), and the completed chair is an endearingly clunky, assymetrical hodgepodge, with obvious cutouts where pieces once fit together in the plywood sheet. Not pretty, but we’re not sure everything has to be.”

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