Eco-Friendly Geodesic Houseboat Costs Less Than $2,000

geodesic houseboat

Buckminster Fuller, the architect and futurist who popularized the geodesic dome, would be proud of Michael Weekes’ work. Weekes built a geodesic houseboat for less than $2000 and showed Buffalo, New York just how easy it is to live sustainably and in a tiny space. The boat, made of simple materials like plywood and recycled storage containers, is a testament to the ease, affordability and fun of waterborne living and recreation.

canal houseboat

Weekes’ houseboat measures 16 feet long and is non-powered. It is held afloat by 27 recycled gallon storage containers which give it amazing floating power: the deck can hold up to 5000 pounds. With sleeping room for four or socializing space for 12, the houseboat is the perfect place to spend a weekend relaxing with friends or family. There’s even a low-tech toilet on-board, so if you bring all needed supplies with you there’s no need to leave the houseboat all weekend.

eco-friendly geodesic houseboat

The houseboat is scalable and can be built to an individual’s preferred size specifications. According to Weekes, they can be built in a matter of weeks for less than $10,000. The sustainable, affordable, low-tech houseboats offer a way to enjoy the waterside without paying thousands of dollars a month in rent for the premium space. Weighing in at just 60 pounds, the boat doesn’t require a tie-down or even a state permit – and it can be a fun introduction to the experience of tiny space living.

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