Double Bedroom: Sliding Bookcase Hides Small Home Office

Don’t be distracted by the glossy red surfaces, curves or angled accents – this idea is remarkably simple: a wrap-around bookcase on wheels slides to reveal (or conceal) the bed behind it, making for an elegant and multi-functional solution for a small bedroom.

Want to relax? Push the shelves to the right and the bedroom opens up. Need to work? Slide them back to the left and a small area with a desk and chair are exposed. But wait, there is a bit more than meets the eye …

Another nice touch: a porthole in the floor leads to the level below – no doors or space for stairs required. Gray carpet slots back into place, making the room feel complete and autonomous when the faux-doorway is closed.

This apartment by Paul Coudamy in Paris is but one example of is space-saving approach to design, but a more complex and built-in solution than his typically-mobile modular furniture pieces.

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