Custom Vertical Gardens Instantly Green Up Any Interior

A houseplant or two can really liven up a home, but Swedish company Greenworks strives to go several steps further. Their specialty is creating customized indoor green walls for homes and offices.

Greenworks’ walls – and their smaller living green decorations – not only spruce up the normally cold, lifeless walls of buildings; they also bring a number of other benefits to their surroundings.

The living plants cleanse the air you breathe, dampen sounds, and humidify the environment in which they live.

The unique plant features can be purchased outright, or they can be rented and the company will provide maintenance and care of the support structures and the plants.

In addition to the living, breathing plants, some of the green walls also feature lighting elements to highlight the natural beauty of the greenery.

Imagine how amazing it would be to walk in to work from a rough commute to be suddenly surrounded by plants…or to come home after a long day to be greeted by your own personal indoor garden.

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