Creeping Planters: Modern Pots with Root-Like Appendages

monstera pot 1

The plants inside these two white pots seem to have grown minds of their own, fusing with their vessels to produce long root-like appendages that can free them from their usual spots on the windowsill or table. Designer Tim van de Weerd’s ‘Monstera’ series ‘liberates’ plants to give them back a sense of the freedom that they have in nature.

monstera pot 2

monstera pot 5

monstera pot 6

Debuting at Dutch Design Week 2014, the Monstera pots appear to be an extension of the plants rather than just a means of holding soil. The ‘Magnifica’ design stands tall, while the ‘Fugiens’ crouches slightly on hand-bent steel bars molded with industrial epoxy clay to create a single solid object.

monstera pot 3

monstera pot 4

“The design casts a new light on the otherwise rigid and oppressive traditional plant pot,” says the designer.

monstera 7

An image of van de Weerd tending the plants inside the pots provide a sense of just how large these objects are – seemingly ready to sprint away at any moment.

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