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Thank you for your interest in contacting us at Dornob, a design publication featuring the latest in architecture, interior, furniture, graphic, industrial design and more from around the world. You want us to read your message, but in exchange we want you to read ours first. Please take a moment to digest the following before you reach out:

If you are a regular reader with feedback, criticism or a general site suggestion we would absolutely love to hear from you. Because we do not allow comments (to reduce spam and provide a better reader experience) we rely on communications via this page as well as Twitter and Facebook to get information from you. Please feel free to skip the following and proceed directly to the contact form.

If you are a visitor who wants more information on a particular product or design, please take a closer look at the article where you found the product or design in question. Each article should contain one or more source links to places you can purchase these designs are at least learn more about them. We are a design publication and do not sell the products reviewed on this site.

If you are a designer, webmaster, business or product representative, carefully consider how you contact us. We do not have editorial time or space to review products that are simply nice or modern or inexpensive – we will only feature innovative, offbeat and exceptionally creative works that will inspire our readership. Be sure to include a web link to a site with additional images and/or information so we can review the work suggested.

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