Completely Cardboard: Creative Office Interior Design


Maybe it was only a matter of time. After all, designers have been increasingly experimenting with the possibilities of cardboard for disposable housing, flat-pack furniture and other applications. Creating an entire interior out of cardboard, however: Nothing Agency is first.



What is probably most impressive about this creation is how it works with their overall goals. This was not designed in a void to be seen by a select few – it was carefully crafted to promote their agency and, from the press it has been getting, it is safe to say it has worked.



However, more than merely a viral marketing work of interior design this space is also a way to brand the studio. After all, its name is Nothing and that is what it comes from – something from nothing is the theme of their work as well as their very office.




Best of all, this paper-built office was likely relatively inexpensive to construct (the materials are certainly cheap) and serves as a design canvas for them and their clients when everyone gathers to brainstorm – the beginnings of which are shown doodled above.

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