Chop Sticks + Silverware: Creative Combination Utensils


So simple and yet so brilliant: forget the (sometimes embarrassing) chopsticks-or-silverware question and simply hand out both at your home to guests or at your restaurant. These break-apart West-and-East utensil combination designs are, however, just the start.


Beyond such simple two-in-one designs one can also carry accessories to cheat the system like the fork addition that turns your two chopsticks into a more easy-to-use (for some of us anyway) utensil when no one else is looking if you are quick about it:


The plastic solution above might seem insufficiently elegant to some, so you might want to op for something that is a simple all-in-one clean black or for a fork addition that slips comfortably on the end of a single chopstick – and back off when finished.


The chork is a combination fork which hybridizes everything and blurs the boundaries between fork and chopstick design – something that is easier to use for both parties, a kind of cultural bridge in terms of its unique-but-derivative design.


Finally, if you want to never forget your chopsticks on the go and make a fashion statement at the same time then these chopstick-holding glasses might be just the thing for you. How neat (or nerdy) would it be to put your hands to your eyes at the table and whip these out?


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