Bottomless Drinks: Social Glassware Can’t Be Set Down Full

In order to get the party started fast, these beverage containers cannot be placed upright on a surface – you have to finish your drink before you set them down.

Some might call it impractical, and perhaps it is, but it also provides an entertaining way to get your guests talking – and forcing them to interact if they need to put down their glass before it is dry.

This set of mouth-blown champagne, wine and martini glasses, dubbed Baccic by their designer Joe Doucet (images by Kendall Mills), were part of the PLAY exhibit for New York Design Week, “which tackles the relationship between design and “play” through a series of concepts that re-imagine our interaction with the digital world, re-invent our perspectives on furniture and space, revamp some old-school modes of play and realize the potential of playing with some friends.”

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