Beautiful Bent-Wood Furniture of Vintage Red-Wine Barrels

As any artisan knows, curving wood can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive and skill-exacting process – so why start bending new boards when there are barrels full of already-bent oak in used wine barrels?

French oak forms the basis for each of these unique creations, designed and manufactured by Stil Novo in California. Deep burgundy reds provide a process-based contrast with the natural pale browns of the original oaks.

Oak barrels have limited lifespans in the wine industry, with color, texture, and flavor-influencing properties being leached with each round of wine-making (only 3 to 6 uses are possible for a given container).

This would-be loss is transformed into an incredible gain for those who have a vision for upcycling parts and pieces cut from old barrels.

Whether the traditional aesthetic suits given tastes or interiors, these projects certainly do a nice job of ounding out the lives of long-felled trees, rebuilding them as tables, chairs, stools, crates, cabinets, lamps, mirrors and more.

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