Bathroom Waterfall? Combined Sink & Bathtub Design


Luxury does not always have to cost a lot or occupy a great deal of space within a home. This simple cascading waterfall concept dubbed the Wuerfel Bathroom Range by Chin Chia Lim may not be quite as marvelous as a spa or jacuzzi might be but it is remarkably simple, stylish, easy to construct and takes advantages of two systems every bathroom interior design includes anyway: a sink and a bathtub.


Whether you simply enjoy the visual effect of the cascading water pouring from above down into the bath before or after you are in it, or wish to sit back and dip your head under the waterfall from above, this design has that resonance of something that is not essential but nonetheless extraordinary – particularly in these lovely and highly idealized renderings.


Of course, as great as these images make the system look there could be issues of cleaning, dripping and other real-life concerns that simply do not show up in a conceptual rendering of this kind. Nonetheless, were this to go into production, designers could presumably find relatively easy workarounds for these problems.

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