500 Distinct Colors: Stunning Set of Artistic Color Pencils

color pencil design

As a child, we all remember variously sized sets of color pencils that ranged from maybe a dozen to as many as sixty-four of a single kind, maybe even more – but five hundred is more than most of us could have even comprehended as small children.

color pencil set

coloring pencil wall collection

To get a full set, however, one needs the patience of an adult – there will only be one set available each month from Social Designer and twenty sets required to acquire the complete range of colors.

color pencil shades

color pencil round roll

More than merely a set of drawing tools, these are also available with various kinds of cases and containers that allow someone to do anything from frame them on the wall to wrap them in patterns on a table. The owner, in short, decides whether they will be used for drawing art or whether these pencils are to become artworks themselves.

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