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Some of us have a tough time making the bed in the morning (or perhaps even getting out of it). Coming home at night to messy sheets and strewn pillows, though, is no fun either. This all-in-one solution zips up like a sleeping bag, but has the luxury curves of a contemporary couch or sleeper sofa.

When zipped up, the object works just as well for casual seating – a neat space-saving trick for small bedroom or studio apartment spaces. Opened out, the bright interior color contrasts well with a basic black, white or gray exterior lining.

Want to get warm in a hurry? Simply zip up the exterior around you and snuggle in. The top layer can be folded out in part or in whole, make it easy to slip into for either one or two people.

Unfortunately, the would-be manufacturer has since gone out of business. Perhaps this can be attributed to some of the practical difficulties one could encounter with such a fully-integrated system. For instance, cleaning this furniture could be a bit tricky, even with the removable comforter portion. Like air mattresses and water beds, maybe the concept just turned out to be neater than expectations for the execution could live up to.