The KUBE speaker / cooler.

The humble cooler gets more use during the summer than any time of year—who wants to go to the beach or lake without knowing there will be cool beverages on hand after you’ve been baking in the sun for an hour? But while a cold one is essential, we all know a party is really taken to the next level with music. Enter KUBE, an audio system slash cooler in one.

We know what you’re thinking. If it’s both a cooler and an audio system, the sound quality probably isn’t very good. But KUBE claims to have concert-quality, distortion-free, 360-degree sound that can fill a space whether it’s your backyard or a large beach party. (For those concerned with numbers, it offers 400 watts of power up to 125 dB.) Reporters who were introduced to this new tech device at South by Southwest this past spring claimed they could hear it from 500 feet away. That’s very impressive when you compare it to standard Bluetooth and wireless speakers you may already be using.

Other features include a high power battery that allows for 20 hours of non-stop use. Wireless connectivity means that unlike a standard radio (or outdated boombox!), you don’t have cords, wires, or extra parts to contend with. The KUBE can go anywhere, no electricity needed. Just remember to keep it charged for spontaneous use throughout the year. Control the device with an app that can integrate with your Spotify account, as well.

The KUBE by the pool.

But with all this technology, what happens if things get a little crazy with the garden hose or someone spills their drink on top? Don’t worry; marine grade water resistance means moisture or water won’t hurt it, making it suitable for placing right on the edge of the pool for easy access. (The website even shows KUBE floating on a dock in the middle of a lake.)

A side view of the KUBE.

What about the cooler? It has 33 quart storage, which holds about 2 cases of beer with no ice. Lights activate when the lid is open for ease of use after the sun sets.  That’s something you won’t find in your average cooler, and it could come in handy when digging around for your favorite beverage.

This device doesn’t skimp on style, either. While it’s rated to take a tough beating without electronic failure, it’s also sleek  and modern-looking. Rounded edges and the combination of white and soft metallic finishes make the typical blue or red coolers look, well, ugly. And unlike many other music devices, there’s no extraneous features. You simply set the KUBE down, press play, and start your party.

It seems like KUBE has everything you could ever want in a cooler-sound system. The only downside is that the device is listed at $2,999. Yes, you read that right. You have to throw a lot of parties to make 3 grand worth your while for cold soda and a summer pop hit, but hey, there’s nothing like some good multitasking.  Pre-order your KUBE  with a $299 deposit. Shipping begins in Fall 2016.