Star Wars movies have not only spawned several generations of fans and memorabilia, they’ve also made millions of dollars for companies selling themed lunch boxes, toys, and dolls. The iconic series now even has an entire theme park built on its characters and stories.

Yogibo, a global leader in the design and retail sales of next-generation home furnishings and groundbreaking interior decor, has recently collaborated with the Star Wars franchise to introduce 40+ unique products made from their signature fabric. All Yogibo furniture is machine washable, automatically conforms to the user’s body shape and type without solidity, and has absolutely no pressure points.

Scheduled to celebrate with two debuts three weeks apart, their new collection is comprised of both home furnishings and Star Wars-related accessories. Both Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire themes will be fairly represented, as well as a host of other iconic characters and events from the films. Highlights include:

  • A Death Star-shaped balance ball
  • An ergonomic travel pillow with a self-contained sleep mask reminiscent of a Rebel Pilot helmet
  • In honor of Chewie, an enormous plush wookie “hugger” complete with his legendary brown “fur” and authentic-looking ammo belt
  • Empire and Rebel versions of a cozy roll-out Zipparoll and cylindrical “Buddy Roll” body pillow
  • Cute animated Star Wars trilogy throw pillows
  • A compact wooden Traybo laptop tray
  • Star Wars Squeezibos, Yogibo’s next line of stress balls

“We’re super excited to collaborate with Star Wars for this amazing collection,” says Eyal Levy, Yogibo CEO. “Like millions around the world, the Star Wars films are some of my favorites, so this is an incredible honor and very exciting. For 10 years, we’ve been a leading brand for beanbags and comfort products, and with these new designs, I’m positive we’re going to appeal to many new audiences.”

The first part of Yogibo’s Star Wars collection, consisting of both orange and gray Rebel and black and purple Empire beanbag chairs and footrests, will be available for sale beginning November 15th (today!). The expanded assortment of comfy accessories will follow shortly after on December 5th.