Lots near the water get a lot cheaper if you are just one or two plots removed from the water’s edge. Enter Projects Asia turned what could be a less desirable trait into a blessing with this unique home, a wrap-around design with a curving roof and rooftop deck.

The architects crafted this curved dwelling in response to the meandering waterway nearby, lifting it up as well to provide views around and above the neighbors.

While sculptural in appearance, the undulating roof (outside) and ceilings (inside) also respond to the needs of interior spaces while bringing in natural light.

The result is an almost Prairie-Style organic approach where function and form are pushed and pulled in tandem, all while keeping in mind the natural and artificial surroundings.

More from the architects

“The recently completed Aldrich House, located in Perth, Western Australia has views of the waterfront. Using digital terrain modeling, the group at Enter Project designed the non-parallel roof as an extension of the surrounding landscape. The changes in the curves of the roof allow for the height of the ceiling to change depending on what room you are in. The ceilings in the bedrooms are lower offering more intimacy while the spaces open up in the more public living areas.”

The home consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two living rooms. Between the curves of the roof and the lack of 90-degree angles in the house, the house feels open and full of visual interest. The viewing deck on the roof offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.”

About Enter Projects Asia

Sitting at the forefront of technologically aided design, our internationally acclaimed architecture firm seeks to further the culture of architecture from a grassroots level.  We are producing projects of exceptionally high design integrity and material finish. Voted ‘The Most Sustainable Architecture Practice in Thailand, we are fully Thai registered and operate out of Phuket, with a growing client base all over South East Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.”