Worried about the end of the world? For those who can afford them, one company is creating apocalypse-proof subterranean housing complexes. That’s right: these are modern-day super-bomb-shelters located across the United States, designed to survive any doomsday scenario yet imagined.

Killer comets, pole shifts, super volcanoes, global tsunamis, extreme earthquakes, biological and nuclear war – each are scenarios supposedly covered in the design plans by Vivos of these luxury underground homes to be built in 120 locations in range of most major US cities. Of course, buyer beware: you have to arrive before lock-down to be let in – otherwise, you may be on your own outside of a thick steel bank-vault door.

Secret locations, high elevations and remote installations are part of the project plan. On-site power and water wells make these sites energy-independent for long-term off-the-grid living. Abundant (one year or more) supplies of medicine, food and fuel make for health and safe living while waiting for whatever disaster is befalling the wider world to presumably subside.

Community spaces are provided to alleviate tedium by replicating city social life and a medical center is prepared to care for people sick or injured during or after the disaster that (literally) drove them underground. Each system of ten units is built to house a total of 200 or so residents – space for your friends and family.

So maybe it sounds extreme, and some of these disasters sound far-fetched, but to those with the spare funds to purchase one: why not? It is a bit like fire, flood or other natural disaster and emergency insurance for you home, just on a much larger scale. The biggest worry, it would seem, would be your neighbors: after all, you might be stuck under the ground with them for a good long while!

Exactly how much does this cost, though? Well – the peace of mind of owning this property you’ll probably (hopefully) never have to use will set you back a $25,000 deposit plus a 99-year land lease of $1,000 a year.

More info from Terra Vivos

“Within a 24 hour drive from virtually all points within the United States. Vivos xPoint is strategically and centrally located in one of the safest areas of North America, at a high and dry altitude of 3,800+/- feet, well inland from all large bodies of water; and, 100+/- miles from the nearest known military nuclear targets.”

“It’s difficult to capture the enormous scale of Vivos xPoint, nearly 3/4 of the size of Manhattan, NYC. Standing at one end of the complex, you cannot see the furthest bunkers on the horizon. This former Army Munitions Depot, with 575 hardened concrete military bunkers is the largest survival shelter community on Earth, with accommodations for more than 5,000 like-minded survivalists to ride out ‘the event’ and the aftermath to follow. The Vivos security team can spot anyone approaching the property from 3 miles away with just one road in and out.”