worlds smallest sauna 1

Desperate for a sense of tranquility in a hectic environment, some office workers will cover their desks in scented candles or purchase a small decorative water fountain to bring the ambiance of a spa to the workplace. But have you ever heard of someone turning their personal workspace into an actual functioning sauna? Designer Marcis Ziemens makes that possible with the ‘Smallest Sauna on Earth.’

world's smallest sauna 3

Inspired by the traditions of his native Latvia, which are disappearing quickly in the modern era, Ziemins translated all of the basic elements of a full-sized Latvian sauna to a compact package that can fit on a desktop or counter. “Classic elements like fire, earth, water and air meet and become one,” he says.

worlds smallest sauna 2

While this miniature version won’t get as hot and humid as a real sauna, it does create a significant amount of steam. It consists of a basalt stone base with a small built-in tray for the oil that fuels the flame, and a copper cylinder that is filled with aromatic liquids which are pumped down onto the hot rocks. The little sauna steams for four hours before it needs to be refilled.