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More like a tree mansion than mere house, this lumbering structure is (unfortunately) not as old, haphazard and full of mystery as it might first appear. Nonetheless impressive, it was commissioned by the Duke of Northumberland in the early 2000s as part of his castle complex and the associated Alnwick Gardens.


Despite its less-than-thrilling origins it is still an amazing work of architecture, lifted on support logs angling up from below and intertwined with trees large and small piercing the structure all around.


The building is littered with decks in both plan and section, windows and other ways to look out and experience the surroundings and is accessed by a broad wooden rope bridge from behind.


While it might not be as cobbled-together and structurally improbable as it first seems it is certainly a playful treehouse the likes of which most of us could not have even dreamed as children.