Anyone else reminded of a chocolate-and-vanilla swirl ice-cream cone In isolation, this stairwell looks like a work of art – a winding multi-story sculpture composed of rhythmic wood steps and a sweeping white curve. More remarkable than the staircase and handrail, though, are the way they wind into the rest of this interior design.

Wood and white are, in fact, core themes throughout each space. David Clovers Studio used their contrast of tone, texture and detail to create a kind of faux horizon line that emphasizes the spacious upper half of each room while providing variegation along the bottom. This surgical material splice translates into the stairs almost seamlessly, as you can see from the photo directly above.

The two separate material planes begin to take on an infinite set of visual possibilities as one moves up the stairs, changing in relation to one another with each new step and corresponding perspective.

The solid-white side rail also serves as a light well, bouncing natural light from one floor to the next up this central winding space, but without detracting from the warm, rich, dark and heavy feel of the wooden risers and treads.