modern modular play houses

Playhouses help to stretch and develop little imaginations, helping kids to develop their pretend-play skills while keeping them amused for hours at a time. But even the most imaginative of little ones will eventually grow bored playing in the same space each and every day. Architect Kimball Hales saw his three children playing inside cardboard boxes and was inspired to develop these modular modern playhouses to keep them occupied, interested and engaged.

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modular prefab play houses

These stylish miniature houses are made with the same modern, sustainable design sense that Hales uses at his day job as an architect at Hufft Projects. His small company, Play Modern, creates prefab kits to let you build your very own planet-friendly playhouses for your minis. They are locally manufactured in Kansas City out of eco-friendly plywood with a low-VOC whey protein finish. The metal handrails are made entirely of recyclable aluminum.

modular kid friendly play house interior

But perhaps the most interesting part of these tiny pretend homes is the fact that they can be redesigned and reconfigured when their young owners need a change. The prefab kits can be combined to make all kinds of designs, from simple bungalows to two-story houses with decks. There are indoor and outdoor models; the outdoor version consists of weather-resistant marine-grade plywood.

modular flat pack play house

Play Modern will eventually offer additional pieces as add-ons to their house kits: slides, kitchens and various other bits and bobs to complete the house-playing experience. For kids who are used to playing with cardboard boxes or those terribly disappointing plastic playhouses, even the standard model should feel like paradise. And because they were designed by parents, each prefab kit takes less than an hour to assemble and requires no hardware or special tools.

Creator Kimball Hales is an architect with Hufft, and it’s worth checking out their projects, too. Here’s some info about the firm:

“Hufft is an architecture, interior design and fabrication studio with offices in Kansas City, Mo., and Bentonville, Ark. We strive to bring meaning to everyday life through work that strengthens the connection between people and place. Hufft was founded on the belief that an open dialogue between designers and builders leads to innovative design and projects that are ultimately more valuable for the people they serve. Throughout our history, we have developed a rigorous approach to design that seeks to identify, understand and use our client’s biggest challenges as a catalyst for innovation.”