Every time you start a new running program, you most likely set high expectations for yourself. It’s new, exciting, and downright motivational. On top of that, it’s surprisingly easy to start your days off with a morning run. Soon enough, you find yourself participating in this workout routine five times a week.

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Unfortunately, it’s all too common to hit a roadblock and lose your mojo at some point during the process. Hitting the snooze button and sleeping in becomes more exciting than the thought of running, and your daily routine quickly turns into the “odd run here and there.” If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone.

It goes without saying that good habits, organization, and time management are all key when it comes to establishing a successful cardio routine. But sometimes even those things aren’t enough. We need to stay motivated and challenged in order to keep going.

Luckily for us all, Minki Kim is currently in the process of launching a minimalist running accessory in hopes of stopping your running nightmares dead in their tracks. “With” encourages you to keep going by sharing your progress reports with a partner.


“Anyone who wants to lose weight or wants to enhance their health can easily [turn] to running. However, I saw that many of them gave up running due to their personal business, tiredness, or feeling of boredom while running alone. Lots of applications are trying to encourage users to keep running by making them compete with each other. Nevertheless, during this trial, many of them give up running, while being defeated continuously,” explains Kim.

Most people will readily admit that running is much more entertaining when done with a friend. This prevents boredom and lack of motivation from creeping in, as you’re constantly being forced to keep up with the other person. Kim found that working towards our goals with our partners is much more helpful and encouraging than trying to compete against them.

With With

The first step to “With” is setting a common target distance with your partner. You’ll know when your partner has started the challenge by paying attention to the LED light on the device. When your partner starts running, the color blue will start to flicker on your “With.” When they’re done, it’ll flicker green. After both of you have completed the run, “With” will total up your distances to see if you’ve met your original goal.

“With” connects running partners via Bluetooth. The “voice call” function lets you speak to your partner during your run to prevent that dreaded feeling of boredom. In a way, it’ll amost feel like you are running together. The device also grips onto your hand, increasing your endurance and concentration levels.

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Besides the excitement of working together to reach a goal, With will also give you rewards every time that goal is reached. More specifically, it provides rewards by collaborating with known brands to give out coupons for their products. With these coupons, you’ll be able to purchase top-notch running gear at a discounted price. What more could you possibly ask for?