bonansea sculptural spiral stairs

As any good architect or interior designer knows first hand: success is a balance of having a sense of stylistic integrity and fluid adaptability. These staircases represent a range of solutions that stem from the same approach (and company), each suited to the peculiarities of the particular space to which they were fitted.

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bonansea spiral stairs detail
bonansea helical staircase metal
bonansea helical staircase satin stainless

Bonansea has tackled everything from elegant and expansive mansions to converted urban warehouses, and seems to have a solution to suit any spatial problem. Showing any fewer than six examples just would not work.

bonansea self supporting oak stairs
bonansea sculptural steel stairs
bnonansea brushed stainless stairs

In some cases, an ornate iron railing is called for – in others, an ultra-modern, distressed-steel look works best.

bonansea open staircase
bonansea flowing staircase

In no instance do the results appear forced, but, on flip side, none of them fully mimic their original context either – they stand out as new and different.

“Maurizio Bonansea has been building indoor and outdoor staircases, spiral, helical and open staircases, railings and gates since 1989, with the passion of the craftsman in love with his work. The intense dialogue with its customers and designers ensures that, for any environment, the most suitable solution is found. The Bonansea stairs, gates, railings, the result of craftsmanship and creativity, become real installations in which the solidity of the metal is dissolved in the lightness of the shapes and innovative solutions. Continuous research and love for design led Maurizio Bonansea to create BonanseaHome, a laboratory of artistic collaborations in which creativity and craftsmanship come together and give life to unique and beautiful furnishing accessories.”

“Maurizio Bonansea defines his work as ‘sparkling’: since 1989 the sparks that are released from the ‘forge’ of Buriasco are those of an idea that becomes a design first and then a finished product, ready to furnish a home. They are the continuous dialogue between Maurizio Bonansea and his customers, to ensure that every staircase or project conceived is simply a design dream come true. The story of Maurizio Bonansea, after all, is all here: the deep knowledge of the material with which he works, iron and steel, the ability to mold it into airy and sinuous forms; love for ideas and beauty, which translate knowledge and professionalism into design.”