Nano tanks — small aquariums under 15 gallons in size — are quickly becoming a favorite decor piece among renters and homeowners, especially those who live in urban areas. Not only are these tiny aquariums minimalist in style, they also make for a great way to bring nature’s touch into the house.

Why is Minimalism So Popular?

Perhaps it’s Marie Kondo’s beloved philosophy of tidying up, decluttering, and simplifying interior spaces, or maybe it’s the fact that city and suburban rentals aren’t very spacious to begin with. On top of all that, the newfound popularity of reducing one’s carbon footprint and leading a sustainable lifestyle is likewise encouraging everyone to cut back. Rather than splurging on large things, people are opting for more compact, more convenient designs.

The minimalism aesthetic visually conveys a purposeful cleanliness that’s soothing to any denizen, whether they reside in the heart of concrete jungle or the quaint countryside (though of course, it’s probably most impactful to urban dwellers who regularly need to decompress and de-stress). And with big publications like Vice having previously reported that “staring at a fish tank is like getting the healing benefits of nature on demand,” it’s no wonder that people everywhere are choosing to work small tanks into their own decor schemes.

The Health Benefits of Nano Tanks

A nano tank is like a zen sand garden, providing calming effects to pet owners and promoting serenity in the homespace. There’s also a type of mindfulness and meditation that takes place as you care for an aquarium, tending to the aquascape as a form of mental escape from daily stress.

Pet Central recently shared the views of certified sleep science coach Chris Brantner, who states: “It seems that watching fish, and listening to the trickling water, causes the production of serotonin, which stimulates the brain to increase endorphins. The result? Positive feelings. Such stress reduction translates well to sleep.”

Brantner adds that “We’re learning more and more about how important it is to set calming bedtime routines and creating a relaxing sleep environment in our bedrooms. An aquarium is perfect for both. The trickling sound of the water naturally does what we try to emulate with sound machines. And watching the fish swim around is a perfect meditative precursor to sleep.”

A nano tank can thereby “spark joy” and bring balance to one’s home, much like minimalism. Even better, its a miniature oasis that you get to design and curate, allowing all your creative juices to flow freely. So what are you waiting for? Stop staring out the window all day, and bring this magical little pice of nature into your home.