GSG Glass modern white glass bathroom

Minimalism can be almost too easy to appreciate – crisp corners, spotless surfaces, squares everywhere … it looks a bit like the ideal bathroom design you always wanted. Keeping all of those perfect white surfaces pristine, the glass and chrome pieces clean, well, that might be a bit more of a challenge in real life.

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GSG Glass minimalist bathroom

To be fair, these layouts are eye-catching and make the mind wander toward wanting to rip out the old bathroom and begin a remodel. Still, slightly rounded edges along otherwise straight lines are the only things that soften these fixtures, visually or physically.

GSG Glass wall hung toilet

There seems to be a varied degree of consideration for day-to-day use – on the one hand, a clear basin for the sink makes a certain amount of sense, but, on the other, a see-through toilet seat lid. It might make for a prettier photo, but a smart consumer should be looking past the perfectionist picture.

GSG Glass bathroom set

In short: this ultramodern, minimalist bathroom fixture set from Ceramica CSG shows promise – perhaps one of the free-standing or wall-hanging sinks is worth a second look – but other aspects are downright strange, like the transparent-top toilets. That said, they do make some great eye candy for the modern design lover that hides somewhere below the (generally much easier to clean) surface in most of us.

“Lightness, innovation consistency, cleanliness, are prerogatives contained within the new concept of the GSG ceramic Design. The extreme formal linearity of glass, creates a shell for water connecting the ceramic forms which support the elements in cristal. It is a strong architectural concept: emptiness and transparent overlappings conjointly with supporting ceramic elements, giving one the sensation of intangibility. Cristal evokes faint reflections, always indefinite; ceramic supports the power of gravity creating detectable limits.”

“The GSG Ceramic Design, a company specializing in the production of sanitary ware, was created in 1968, by the founder Antonio Giovannini, in Civita Castellana, the most important ceramic district of Italy. The evolution of the company has led the production of neoclassical models to the current
offer of products with an extremely modern design, unique of their kind.”