Leaf Wall Nail Cover

With a few simple steps, the Leaf Cover can bring a dull room to life and provide a ton of useful storage space. The Leaf Cover is a little plastic piece shaped like two leaves and a stem. It fits right over a nail to green up any room.

Cover ugly nails with leaf

Leaf Cover-clad nails can be used to hold jackets, keys, dog leashes and any other small, lightweight object. An entire wall filled with the little green sprouts can go from plain to magical in little more than the time it takes to hammer in some nails.

Nails on wall decorative cover

Designed by Jeong Hwa Jin, the Leaf Cover is a clever new take on the practical but unsightly solution so many of us use to keep necessary objects close at hand. It would be great to see the designer introduce other types of leaves and maybe some flowers in the future to provide a splash of variety on users’ walls.

“Leaf cover which gives birth to new life in a nailed and dead space. Design which brings new vitality with leaf growing out from the wall. with the image of leaf growing out from the Ground as motif, sprout grows in the nailed space of wall which gives no sense of life.”

leaf hooks product

“We tend to concern much about driving a nail because unsightly mark might remain or it is difficult to clean up. Mindlessly nailed wall. By covering the nailed place with leaf cover, it is possible to grant the feeling of new life growing from the wall. In addition, it is possible to grant various usability such as lid of ball point pen, picture frame hanger, and etc..”

“The project mentioned above will target on the European and American market by cooperating with SUCK UK LTD, and is to be released since the second half of the year 2012 through mass production. “

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