coffee table balloons

Balloons are magical enough to capture the attention of kids and adults alike. Duffy London uses bright floating balloons to support the clear tabletop of their UP Balloon Coffee Table.

floating balloon coffee table

duffy london balloon coffee table

The round glass surface rests on top of a bunch of shiny balloons made of metal resin composite. Strong metal rods extending down from the balloons to the floor look like strings trailing down.

balloon illusion coffee table

coffee table suspended by balloons

Where the metal supports reach the floor, they pool in twisting little tangles just like actual dangling balloon strings would. The tops of the “balloons” are slightly flattened, furthering the illusion that the balloons are holding up the tabletop.

up coffee table balloons

up balloon coffee table

The weightless appearance of the table adds a big dose of whimsy to whatever space it’s in. If you’ve got a spare¬†¬£7,800 (a little over $11,600 US) you can order your own from Duffy London.