pointer here key finder

A cluttered house is the perfect hiding place for keys, mobile phones, pens and other important objects, but these delightful pointers help you keep track of important objects even through a mess.

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The pointers are appropriately called “Pointer Here.” They were designed by Anna and Maxim Maximov of Maximovich Design as a kind of analog version of those electronic key finding and tracking devices. Each features a small circle that sits on a flat surface and presumably surrounds the item you don’t want to lose. A piece stands up from the circle, rising above the stuff around it to point the way.

pointer here keys

Although simple in design, these clever markers are a neat solution for people who just can’t seem to keep track of the important little things they need. Of course, remembering to put the little things under the markers so you can find them might be another problem altogether. Each “Pointer Here” object measures 200 mm x 200 mm x 250 mm.

Pointer here

You can find “Pointer Here” and other clever products by Maxim Maximov at his new design studio’s website, Asketik.

Pointer Here – is a thing which help you not to forget such small but important things as passport, tickets chargers, headphones, keys. Everybody can add to this list their own items. That is why «Here» is produced in three different shapes and colors. It will allow everybody to find design of their choice to help not to forget important things.”

pointer here on table

“Maxim Maximov is a Russian designer. He exhibited at ПРЕДМЕТ (2014, Russia), Born in the USSR / Wallpaper & Elena Shchukina Gallery London (2014, UK), IZBA project – design gallery / bulthaup (2014, Russia), Milan Design Week – IZBA project (2014, Italy), Florence Design Week – RDP (2013, Italy), Design Not As Always (2013, Russia), Design Act – RDP (2012, Russia), Florence Design Week – RDP (2012, Italy) and SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow (2011, Russia). Awards: Perm Furniture – 1st place (2011), DESIGN AND DESIGN International Award, 12 awards. (2011-2014).”