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Whether you’re hiding out from the paparazzi, lounging at the beach or biking a mountain trail, a good pair of sunglasses is worth its weight in gold. Or, in the case of Westwood Sunglasses’ latest line of shades, titanium.

westwood aurora frame

The Timbermine collection is the latest offering from Westwood, which has launched each of its collections on Kickstarter. Truly sunglasses for the people, by the people. The company started online in 2014, promising its crowdfunder backers that they’d get a crack at each new collection of frames before they were officially launched on the market. The people responded!

westwood bridger sunglasses

The new glasses are inspired by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, which the designers can see from their Ogden, Utah, headquarters. The names also represent the region: They are based on the names of ghost towns in the area, bringing them back from obscurity.

Those towns? Gunnison, Colorado; Fort Bridger, Wyoming; Aurora, Nevada; and Union Mine, Arizona. And here, without further fanfare, are the sunglasses to match the names.

TheĀ Gunnison

westwood gunnison

westwood gunnison

The Gunnison frames are made of titanium and ebony or duwood, creating a perfect match of tech and nature. They’d be right at home on a biker or a hiker.

The Bridger

westwood bridger

westwood bridger

The Bridger’s classic shape and dark wood arms shout cool from the treetops.

The Aurora

westwood aurora

westwood aurora 2

Designed especially for Westwood’s female fans, the Aurora uses bronzed titanium and ebony wood to create its stylish yet casual vibe.

The Union

westwood union

westwood union

Thin black titanium frames with ebony wood arms, the Union gives an updated retro look that weighs less then half an ounce!

So, What’s So Special About the Timbermine Line?

Just like the previous lines, the Timbermine sunglasses are designed to “go anywhere, do anything.”

The, um, specs? All the frames have polarized smoke lenses and offer 100-percent UVA and UVB protection. The company can’t oblige with prescription lenses right now. Hopefully that option will be added as a selling point down the road.

westwood gunnison

And did we mention how light they are? You may think you’ve left them somewhere even when you’re wearing them. “Each pair is feather lightweight, weighing less than .8 ounces, with the Union weighing less than .5 ounces,” say the Westwood team. “Super comfortable shades that you barely feel.”

Flexible hinges means there’s less chance you’ll break them. (Yes, we’re looking at you….)

Westwood’s earlier design lines played with nature, too. Hey, when your main component is wood, it’s hard not to pay homage to the great outdoors.

westwood wooden frames

westwood wooden frames

westwood claire sandalwood

The Tribal collection (you can see the Tattoo and Tapestry frames below) reflects nature through the prism of art from cultures around the world, and is influenced by a variety of designs from societies both ancient and contemporary.

westwood tribal tattoo

westwood tribal tapestry frame

Westwood also uses bamboo for some of its frames. The Claire Coal Bamboo, below, is all bamboo and comes with a bamboo protective case, too.

westwood claire coal bamboo

The Timbermine collection has far exceeded its funding goal, so obviously Westwood’s designs have carved themselves a sizable niche. When you wear them, all eyes are on you. It’s pretty clear, then, that these are not the sunglasses to wear if you want to travel incognito.