Sustainable fashion brand Eileen Fisher is best known for their ultra-comfortable minimalist garments made out of natural and recycled textiles. When the clothing they’ve sold is worn out beyond repair, they take it back and incorporate it into their “Resewn Collection,” a series of reconstructed dresses, pant suits, jackets, and more with a surprisingly chic patchwork effect.

Now, they’re bringing that aesthetic into the home for the first time ever with a West Elm collaboration. The limited edition, sustainably produced collection of furniture and home decor is made with upcycled Eileen Fisher denim and other fabric scraps.

“Our team was delighted to partner with West Elm because of our shared passion for creating responsibly designed products,” says Eileen Fisher, designer, founder and co-CEO of her eponymous company. “With these beautiful designs, we are extending each garment’s life cycle and drastically reducing the waste that we put out into the world.”

The West Elm + Eileen Fisher Collection transforms a wardrobe staple into statement-making upholstery for a series of pillows and the Eileen Fisher Swivel Chair ($1,999). West Elm partnered with the fashion brand’s Waste No More team to recycle the fabric and felt it into a new textile using no water and very little energy. As you can see, the process preserves “the story” of the original fabric, making no attempt to hide what it was. Blocks of denim in colors ranging from near-white to deep indigo meld together in an effect that’s reminiscent of watercolors, all in soothing shades of blue.

The swivel chair is classic West Elm in design, but its body-hugging silhouette gets a little extra coziness from the unusual fabric. The pillow covers include three square throws ranging in size from 20” – 24” ($169 – $179 each), two 12” x 21” rectangular pillows in either light or dark indigo ($159), an extra long 14” x 36” lumbar pillow ($179), and the option to purchase sets of two for a discount.

By nature of the upcycled fabric, no two pieces are exactly alike, each bearing their own unique abstract pattern from the particular scraps used to create them. Eileen Fisher’s recycling team washes, repairs, and hand-layers them to achieve this effect.

If you’re not familiar with clothing take-back programs, they’re a pretty great way to adhere to the principle of “circular design,” in which the manufacturer takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of the products they create. Instead of ending up in landfills, garments that are ripped, stained, threadbare, or otherwise unwearable get a second life. More and more companies are starting to participate in programs like this, which will hopefully start to make an impact on the environmental impacts of fast fashion.

“Eileen Fisher leads the apparel industry in sustainable innovation and has developed a transformative technology that allows us to introduce circular design to a collection of textiles for the home,” says Alex Bellos, president of West Elm. “Together, we are bridging our shared commitments to responsible retail and great design to offer quality, artful pieces.”