A villa originally built in the 1970s near Eindhoven required a simple but sophisticated addition: a carport with a conference space on top. O + A Architecture took over with their signature sleek modernist style and created a striking solution.

The project faced challenges such as zoning laws, demands on the unusual mixture of uses, and technical limitations that arose from placing an addition so near the original structure.

The villa’s existing structure and form were used to inform the aesthetics of the addition. Although the two were built some 30 years apart they blend together harmoniously.

Carried on into the conference room space, the elegant timbers become the visual unifier between the exterior and interior.

There is no denying that the addition is bold and visually striking. The warmth of the wood somewhat offsets the gregarious shape and daring lines.

At night, when light shines through the glazing (on top) and vertical timbers (on bottom), the structure exudes a kind of warmth and unpretentious elegance that is so refreshing in a mostly-utilitarian space.