organic tree house exterior

Who wouldn’t run scared at the sight of such a thing? It looks like it had to have been constructed by a (flying) bird far larger than the biggest (flightless) birds on the planet. Any surprise it was developed by a design firm known as Animal Farm?

organic treehouse weavers

Patterned after the remarkable communal architecture of the infamous weaver, these tree houses are much bigger than anything found in nature.

organic tree house construction

Nested inside the organic exterior framed of branches and sticks, however, sits a hidden steel frame revealing this to be a work of human craft rather than the home of some extinct flying creature.

organic tree house up

A rope ladder leads up through a porthole opening to a round lounge space surrounded by wood and padded with floor pillows from wall to curved wall. It is a very strange hybrid – a marriage of traditional-looking construction from some remote region, the naturalistic formations of a strange unknown creature and the modern mechanical capabilities of creative metalworkers.